Jup. That’s me.

See that dude in the picture above? Jup that’s me. It’s the first (and only) self-portrait I ever took, as a little experiment in my apartment during a winter in Switserland. To quickly answer who I am: I’m a Dutch guy, living in Copenhagen. I love skiing and spend the past 8 years of my life chasing snow and working as hard as I can making sure I can ski as much as possible every single winter.

Skiing in Les Sybelles
Jup. That’s me too. In my natural habitat. (photo credit: Will Robson)

That’s all there is to it really. Because I love skiing, and like taking pictures and shooting video, it only made sense to combine the two. Because in my current work (something called www.snowminds.nl) I get to shoot a lot of photo’s and video’s I decided to gather all my work here.

If you have any questions, requests, ect. shoot me a message on [email protected]