Frozen. CPH.

It’s been a weird winter so far. One that didn’t seem to wanna come, but once it did, it doesn’t seem to wanna end. No one expected a real winter interval like the 2 weeks in Copenhagen anymore, but here I was getting my first real glimpse of the magic of Frozen Copenhagen. For me this is a weird, somewhat un-easy blend between what I know – the mountains and snow, and the new -living in a city during winter time. Those two worlds normally aren’t compatible with one another in my view. Either you have the beauty and silence of snowed-in mountains, or you have the concrete rush of a city like Copenhagen. They don’t seem to belong together. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t necessarily say one is worse than the other(although I would take mountains over a city 10/10 times, but that’s a story for another time) but to see the two mixed like I did in the past few weeks was both magical and uncomfortable at the same time. Seeing the channels and inner sea getting frozen over was pure magic, but seeing the inconvenience of snow in a city somewhat dented the still almost naively picture I have in my head of snow and winter being nothing but perfect.

Either way, the past 2 weeks made for some stunning pictures. This one shot on a Olympus OM-D mark II 14mm F5.6 ISO 200 1/800’s without filter from the “new” Inderhavnsbroen. It’s looking out over one of the many roundtrip tourist boats in the fronzen water, looking towards Børsen, the old Stock Exchange building in the background.